Help the Tryton project to achieve its goals. This ultimately brings a better free software business solution to companies all over the world. No matter whether they're big or small, all of them benefit from a powerful application that is free from vendor lock-in.
If you're already using Tryton, please consider contributing to the project or supporting the Foundation so the project remains vibrant and continues to grow.

Wire Transfer

You can make a wire transfer to our bank account:

IBAN:BE82 0688 9627 4468


You can easily make a one-time contribution using PayPal:

You can use this form even if you don't have or want to create a PayPal account. Instead you can pay with your credit card.

Recurring PayPal

You can easily make a monthly contribution using PayPal:

PayPal does not require you to create an account for recurring donations.


You can easily donate in bitcoin:


If you want to donate your time, we welcome contributions from the community.


The Tryton Foundation wants to thank individuals and companies that finance it's activity. Donors are listed in descending order using an algorithm that takes into account both the amount and the age of the donation over the last year.

  1. Medinsoft
  2. Adrián Bernardi
  3. Johannes Riemer

Yearly Donations

Year Donation
2019 2170.00 €
2018 450.00 €
2017 7560.00 €
2016 1922.74 €
2015 905.00 €
2014 1227.25 €
2013 2399.33 €