Get Tryton

Tryton has a Three-tier architecture. It is composed of an application server which connects to a PostgreSQL database, a web or desktop client for the presentation and a set of server modules for the business logic.

Tryton is released by series (same major and minor version numbers) every 6 months and they are supported for 1 year except for new major which has long term support of 5 years.

Docker Image

A docker container that comes pre-installed with the server, modules and web client. This is a very simple way of locally installing and exploring the application. It is also production ready for easy deployment. These images are updated every week.


Desktop Client

A ready-to-use client for your desktop. You can manage and connect to different servers using the same client.

Current version:
Windows 32bit Windows 64bit macOS x86-64 macOS arm64 Linux Flatpak

Long term support:
Windows 32bit Windows 64bit macOS Linux Flatpak

For other platforms, use the source files

On macOS depending of your settings, you may need to authorize the Tryton App

Source Files

The source code for the release of each component is available in an archive file. These are useful for creating packages.

Current version:
Browse Server Desktop Client Web Client Console Client

Long term support:
Browse Server Desktop Client Web Client Console Client


We also publish an optional add-on that can be used to manage timesheets from inside your browser.

Firefox Chrome


All the packages are also published on the Python Package Index. Tryton modules from third parties can also be found there.
You can install them using the pip command-line tool:

$ python -m pip install trytond       # server
$ python -m pip install tryton        # client
$ python -m pip install trytond_sale  # sale module

Replace trytond_sale with the name of the module needed.

The web client can not be installed with pip, you must follow this installation procedure.


Tryton is also packaged and distributed by third-party volunteers. These generally provide better integration with the operating system, but often there is a delay before new versions make it into their distributions.

Third Party Modules

Tryton has a large ecosystem of modules.
To ease your choice, we maintain a curated list of third party modules.